My home had a gravel driveway that was 3 cars wide by 100 feet long!  It was a rental for quite a few  years and when I returned to Maryland it was  a weed driveway! Tiny weeeds, big weeds, crazy weeds...unlike this pretty picture!  Not satisfied with the look of brown, dead clumps in the driveway for weeks after a dose of RoundUp, only to have them pop right back up a few weeks later, I committed my warrior hands to manually remove all those weeds! My neighbor, seeing me in the driveway for hours on end, started calling me the "Weed Warrior" and she even made me a t-shirt.  My daughter would chide me..."mom, you would do fine in prison!" Friends driving by beeped the horn to spur me on!  I have to admit there is pride in hard work and a job well done!  I had the best looking driveway in town.  So when I decided to start the business in July 2023, I had to think of a name. Garden Warrior... it just seemed like it was the perfect fit!