Garden Warrior is NOT a landscaping service.  We provide garden maintenance services.  What's the difference between a landscaper and a gardener, you ask?  Ninety-nine percent of landscapers do not maintain gardens.   Their specialty is grass cutting, edging, blowing grass cuttings, tree planting and removal, mulching and perhaps seasonal flower removals and plantings.  

You may think the monthly service fee you pay your commercial landscaper guarantees they are taking care of your gardens. Go outside and look! Is your garden weeded or full of weeds? Do you see your rose bushes, day lilies and other blooms with all those ugly, dead, spent blooms and brown foliage! Failure to deadhead these spent blooms and remove dead foliage depletes the energy required to grow new blooms! Unleash their natural beauty and encourage healthy growth with regular maintenance!

We provide residential services to maintain the health and beauty of outdoor gardens. Don't forget your seasonal mulch deliveries and vegetable gardens! Need watering while you are on vacation? We offer that service too!

Ask me about the secret to a weed free gravel driveway!